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Kalamazoo Hot Dog Walk

2024 marks the fourteenth annual Kalamazoo Hot Dog Walk, an event supporting local businesses and Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes. The pandemic caused a pivot to a safe, voucher format which served the mission successfully, therefore this year we will once again have multiple options available for participants:

Beginning on Friday, April 12, participants can register here for $53 (vouchers only), $58 (event only), or $88 (vouchers and event). All registrants will receive one commemorative t-shirt and proceeds benefit Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes.

Hot dog bus

Registration Tips

Register on April 12.

No joke. The event fills quickly. Don’t get left without a spot. We plan to fill every seat, so there won’t be room for any late additions.

Be sure you have the whole afternoon off.

It’s an all-or-nothing type deal. You need to be available the whole afternoon, starting at 1 p.m. because we’re all riding together. Don’t make us explain how a bus ride works.

Try a dog from every stop.

Yeah, we know that sounds like a lot of food, but remember that one of the great things about this event is trying something new. Even if you only take a bite, at least you’ve tried it and your registration fee includes a dog at every stop anyway.

Want to help more?

Great! You can make an additional donation to Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes when you register and we’ll have a collection box on the day of the event for further contributions.

Hot dog walkers

Event Tips

Have kids or other family that would get a kick out of the event?

You can always register them if you think it’s worth it (only registered guests may ride the bus), but our advice is to invite them to see you off at check-in or to stop by to see the bus arrive at one of our stops. This is a great way for kids or family members to witness the fun and snap a picture without the commitment or expense of the full event.

Go potty before you come to the event.

We do not have bathroom facilities at our check-in location. The good news is we won’t be there long.

Don’t order anything else at the restaurants.

All of our restaurant partners have other awesome menu items that you should try… another time. We have the ordering process down to a science; don’t slow us down by placing additional food and drink orders. Thanks in advance for that one.

Water is your friend.

Keep yourself hydrated throughout the event, but drinking anything other than water will just fill you up. You won’t need any help doing that.

Talk to strangers.

The KHDW attracts some of the coolest people in Kalamazoo, but you won’t know that if you sit with the same people all day. Mix it up; you’ll be glad you did.

Use the hashtag #kzoohotdogwalk before, during and after the event.

Tell everyone that you plan to attend, keep them updated throughout the event and then let them know how great a time you had when it’s over. In fact, you could make a post about the KHDW now. Go ahead.